Best Telegram Crypto Gateway


Crypto Payment


Crypto payment via telegram are wildly using , Tonspay will help telegram user pay better and faster in crypto.



What Tonspay provide ?


Crypto Invoices

Generate crypto invoice and become a crypto merchant .


Mulity Chains

Mulity chain supports . You can use tonspay for TON / SOL / ARB . etc .


Payment Callback

Tonspay support both Http & Websocket callback , Help you to onboard easily .


Merchant Api

Support restful api for payment merchant . Allows merchant to paid in mulity ways .


Cash Gift

Best crypto cash gift system for mulity chain . Send cash to your fried !


Address Management

Connect and manage your crypto account easily.


Best Telegram Crypto Payment

Best Crypto

Payment System Of Telegram

The first mulity chain support telegram crypto payment solution for telegram bots & telegram webapp.

Mulity payment method support

Allows merchant to use payment with mulity payment method on mulity chains , to suit the customer's different crypto payment behavor.

Native telegram payment user experience

By using Tonspay , merchant can generate crypto invoice for users to pay in native telegram payment user experience . With the support of deeplink call , user can pay the invoice with mobile wallet easily .


What Have Tonspay Done And Doing

Tonspay as a crypto payment service/solution provider wiil need to keep provide better and better service , and many other new functions that make better user experience . Click to see more details


2023 Q3

    Build base bot Tonspay_bot
    • Cash gift in TON
    • Merchant setting
    • Invoice generate

    Build base restful-api system
    • Merchanet setting api
    • Merchant payment method management setting
    • Merchant invice management
    • Cashgift api
    Build official websit & twiiter & github

2024 Q1

    Build Tonspay_webapp
    • Merchant invoice management
    • User wallet connect
    • User transaction management
    • User invoice payment

    Multichains wallets deeplink support
    • TON
    • Solana
    • Arbitrum

    Webapi interface
    • Invoice fetch
    • User status

2024 Q2

    Rebuild cashgift system
    • Multichains support
    • Webapp support

    Build group collection system
    • Allows to generate multichains invoices in once
    • Allows to target telegram user to paid

    Build grop cashgift system
    • Allows user to transfer crypto to user directly
    • Allows user to generate cashgift for channel user randomly

2024 Q3

    Merchant support & exsiting merchant onboard
    • Wordpress extension
    • Shopify extension

    Dapp support
    • Multichains Dapp portal
    • Multichains Dapp usage aggregator
    • Dapp launchpad

    More payment method support
    • TRON
    • SUI
    • APT
    • VISA
    • Coinbase pay

Tonspay - The best telegram crypto payment solution